Think you'll cut calories if you order a half-size portion when you go out to eat? Don't be so sure. According to a Cornell University study, you're more apt to polish off more of the half-size portion because of its modest-sounding name. Focus on actual portion size (a serving of pasta is the size of a tennis ball) rather than relying on the labels that restaurants use.

Learn how to eyeball proper portions using these guidelines:

A serving of...
is about equivalent to...

Red meat Palm of your hand (3 oz)
Chicken Palm of your hand plus up to your knuckle (5 oz)
Fish Your entire hand and as thick as your thumb at the knuckle (6 oz)
Pasta Small fist
Rice/couscous Baseball
Peanut or almond butter Golf ball
Salad dressing 1/2 shot glass
Cereal Baseball
Dried fruit 2 dominoes

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