For some, the promise of a delicious breakfast is the only way to avoid hitting the snooze button eight times every morning. And if you ask us, food is an excellent source of motivation to start the day. That is, as long as your a.m. meal is brimming with nutrients, so it leaves you feeling both energized and satisfied.

That’s why we created this delicious cranberry-pear oatmeal recipe. Far from a boring bowl of plain oats, this recipe calls for flavorful ingredients that are sure to lure you out of bed, like apple cider, cinnamon, and vanilla extract for a subtly sweet taste.

We also mixed in dried cranberries and diced pears, two sources of natural sugar that offer important nutrients too. Cranberries are full of potent antioxidants that are great for your skin, brain, and heart, while pears are packed with fiber and vitamin C. 

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And what’s a bowl of oatmeal without tasty toppings? Toasted pecans are our go-to addition for this recipe, but any type of nut will work. Almonds and walnuts serve as good-for-you garnishes, as well. 

The best news of all? While this sweet bowl tastes more like a treat than a breakfast, it’s fully in line with your healthy eating plan, since it’s made with fat-free milk and clocks in at just 256 calories per serving (¾ cup). 

Watch this video to learn just how simple it is to make this nutrient-packed cranberry-pear oatmeal in the morning. You’re just a few steps away from an a.m. meal that will get you off the pillow and on your way for the day.