I’ve never picked up a salt shaker to flavor my food and you won’t find butter in my house, but when it comes to curry powder, olive oil, and ketchup, I’m all stocked up.

I put these three condiments on everything from plain noodles and chicken to potatoes and eggs. To me, ketchup is the perfect blend of sweet and savory, and an easy way to add flavor to an underwhelming meal. I’ll shout it loud and proud: I occasionally put ketchup on Ramen noodles, and I’m not ashamed!

Curry adds spice and has been shown to fight inflammation. Olive oil can be used as a butter replacement, with a fraction of the saturated fat.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is full fat mayo (especially in chicken salad)—-reduced fat just doesn’t seem to provide the same level of creamy goodness.

Because ketchup does contain a good amount of sodium and olive oil is heavy on calories and fat, I am conscious of how much I use.

I prefer creamy and sweet to chunky and hot. Also found in my fridge at all times? Honey mustard and barbecue sauce.

What’s your favorite guilty-pleasure condiment?