Oats are one of our favorite ways to eat whole grains. Not only are they super versatile (pro tip: try something different and make them savory!), they’re also seriously good for you. Whether you choose to get creative and add sun-dried tomatoes and pesto, or opt for a more classic breakfast topping (like berries), oatmeal is a perfect pick for a fiber-packed morning meal that will help fuel your day. 

For anyone who’s a fan of banana-nut pancakes, this recipe will be your new go-to bowl: With both oats and bananas, two resistant starch powerhouses, the tasty breakfast brings you halfway to the recommended goal of 10 grams per day. 

Plus, when you top your bowl with a sprinkling of walnuts and a dash of cinnamon, you’ll start your day strong with good-for-you superfoods. For example, walnuts have been shown to protect against cancer and keep the brain sharp over time, while cinnamon helps regulates blood sugar. 

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If this oatmeal’s nutritious ingredients aren’t enough to convince you to whip it up in the a.m., its simplicity will. That is, you can make the healthy, hearty dish in the microwave in just five minutes, and feel good about staying on track with your slim-down plan. The morning meal packs just 310 calories per serving. 

Watch this video to see how doable it is to make the power breakfast at home (seriously, it only calls for four ingredients and you can make it in the microwave!), no matter how busy your mornings are. And eat up!