We try to be open-minded here at Health, especially where food is concerned. But a few trends that popped up in 2014 had us saying, “Really?” Read on, and then tell us what you think.

Insects as the new “superfood”

Yes, they are full of protein. And yes, eating them may be more environmentally sound than doing so with meat or chicken. And yes, they are commonly eaten in Southeast Asia. But somehow we just can’t wrap our minds (or mouths) around the idea of eating bugs, even ground up into a convenient “flour.” We. Just. Can’t.

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Out-there food flavors


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Cappuccino potato chips were a thing. So were sriracha candy canes (dill pickle, wasabi, and gravy, too). And you can wash it all down with your choice of vodka: Tobacco and mentholFresh cut grass? Cookie dough? Um, electricity?

Pumpkin spice… everything


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We’re all for a pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin ice cream, or pumpkin spice granola bar. But pumpkin spice gumNondairy creamerHershey’s Kisses, M&Ms, Milano cookies? Stop the madness! We love pumpkin, too, but come on.

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Hybrid foods

After the wild success of the cronut, we shouldn't have been surprised that other Frankenstein-foods would follow. Enter the cragel (croissant + bagel), the ramen burger, and the wonut (waffle + donut). Oh, and who could forget the pizza cake?

Artisanal ice

Last but not least, there’s… designer ice. As the world of cocktails has become uber-sophisticated, with imbibers enjoying house-made sodas, infused liqueurs, fresh juices and other artisanal ingredients, could fancy ice have been far behind? It’s hand cut, it’s crystal clear (made from specially filtered water), and it’s cut with a special saw. Joe Ambrose, bartender and co-founder of artisanal ice maker Favourite Ice, tells NPR that the cubes, which are larger than standard ice cubes, melt more slowly, keeping drinks from getting watered down. Did we mention that there are bars and restaurants charging $1 per cube for it? Ice, ice, baby.