Football preseason is upon us, and — sports fan or not — here’s one reason to care: this photo.

‘Who? What? Where?’ is probably coming out of your mouth in sputters, so we’ll do our best to answer.

It’s a duo of Wagyu beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon and topped with guacamole and pork rinds, served at Bourbon Steak & Pub on the ground level of the new San Francisco 49ers stadium at all home games this season, created by Bourbon chef Michael Mina and a culinary team not afraid of a little cholesterol.

Any questions of Why? are trickier to answer, but when it’s football season, you don’t question double-barrel hot dogs.

If you’re eyeing this up and feeling a little down that you won’t be in San Francisco this year, never fear. Here’s a look at 4 other over-the-top stadium foods that may be more convenient to try:

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Oink oink! The Three Little Pigs nachos at Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears, are made with pork rinds instead of chips and coated in a pepper jack cheese sauce. On top: the other two pigs (pulled pork and bacon bits), plus jalapeño for good measure. Order a tray at Aramark nacho stations in sections 110 and 440.