Many people find push-ups difficult to master—but it's worth it. This challenging move works muscle groups in your arms, chest, back, and core, helping to strengthen your upper body and build overall functional strength. Watch this video with Sarah Wingo from Pure Barre to learn the perfect push-up. She’ll also show you how to correct three of the most common push-up mistakes.

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Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are the three push-up mistakes Wingo demonstrates.


Mistake #1: Crossing your ankles

You’re focusing on strengthening your arms in this move, but it's also important to pay attention to your feet: “You want to make sure your heels are uncrossed, and your ankles come all the way into your seat,” says Wingo.


Mistake #2: Sticking your butt out

Try to resist the urge to push your seat out when bending your arms. In a perfect push-up, "hips are tucked under, abs are in really tight," explains Wingo.


Mistake #3: Bending your neck

Keep your back completely straight—that includes your neck. "Your body [should] move in one long line,” says Wingo. "Make sure the head stays in line with the spine."