Back pain is often the result of tightness in other parts of your body. To loosen up, watch this video to learn how to do the world’s greatest stretch with fitness expert Lauren Williams. This is a terrific full-body stretch that helps open up your hips and back.

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Don’t have time to watch? Here’s the transcript:

This move is great because it opens up both your hips and your back. Often times, back pain can be the result of tightness in other areas of your body such as your upper back or your hips, so you want to stretch them. Come into a plank, bring your hands underneath your shoulders, you’re going to bring your right foot up to meet your right hand, and then you’re going to twist open. You’re going to make sure that left leg stays straight by squeezing your butt. Then you’re going to switch sides. Left foot to left hand, open up, and repeat.