Last summer, I officially canceled my gym membership. I take CrossFit classes a few times a week, run outside, and pop into yoga classes every now and then at a local studio, so I rarely ever used my membership. Fast forward to November, and I'm still doing CrossFit and yoga, but running outside has become a lot more difficult with the chilly temperatures in New England.

Most days, the last thing I want to do is bundle up for a cold-weather run. I know once I get moving I'll warm right up, but those first few minutes are brutal, especially when I'm standing outside waiting for my GPS watch to load. Brr! There's been more than one occasion that I think about nixing my run so I can stay inside my nice, warm house, but instead of chickening out, I prepare for the weather by doing a few things to make my outdoor workout a little more enjoyable.

Get dressed immediately
I know if I think about those first few minutes of my outdoor run, I'll change my mind and not want to go. So I put my mind into auto-drive and get dressed right away. I also make sure to include all of the essentials (i.e. hat and gloves). Getting dressed is sometimes half the battle for me!

Count to three
This tip might sound a little kooky but it works for me. When I'm having a really tough time getting motivated to go outside for a run or simply walking from my house to the car to drive to CrossFit or yoga (I'm a wuss in cold weather), I take a deep breath and then count to three before forcing myself outside into the cold.

Warm clothes in the dryer
On really cold days, when I'm about to leave the house, I put my outer layer (usually a jacket) in the dryer for five minutes and then put it on right before I walk out the door. My toasty, right-of-the-dryer jacket keeps me warm until my body has a chance to get things heated, too.

Think about post-workout happiness
It's always a great feeling after I complete a workout. Then, I remind myself how I feel when I skip a workout, which is not so great. I'm not sure which thought ultimately motivates me, but the latter always seems to gets my butt out the door!

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