From rope wall yoga to simulated surfing, exciting new fitness classes seem to be cropping up everywhere. One such class we love: cardio trampoline workouts at the Bari Studio in New York City.

You already know that trampolines get your heart pumping (just think back on all your childhood bounce sessions!). While you probably didn’t realize it at the time, jumping on a trampoline is a full-body workout. At the bottom of your jump, you use the muscles in your legs to squat down low for leverage. And you also need to keep your core engaged—both while you’re in the air and as you land—in order to stay upright and stable.

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For these reasons, plyometric exercise (which is also known as “jump training”) is a favorite among fitness fanatics. It works the entire body and helps improve both speed and strength. Classic plyometric work includes fat-burning moves that leave you breathless, such as jump squats and bench jumps.

Watch the video with Bari Studio head trainer Tiffani Robbins to see how you can spring (pun intended) into shape using challenging exercises like jumping jacks, high knees, front kicks, and more. While the trampoline helps maximize the strength your body can build from this routine, you definitely don’t need one in order to do this bouncy 15-minute workout at home. Simply clear some space in your living room and follow along as Tiffani shows you how to work up a sweat as you bop around.