Self-doubt: we all have it. And a lot of times, it rears its ugly head while we're trying to sweat through a super tough workout. You know, you find yourself struggling in tree pose or behind the most athletic person in the world during your Wednesday night kickboxing class, and that’s when those negative thoughts pop into your head. The result: You question every. single. move.

Enter Nike. The sneaker and apparel powerhouse recently launched its #betterforit campaign, which encourages women to embrace their individual active journeys, even if they're just starting out, and push past their fitness comfort zones, because you’ll definitely be better for it in the long run.

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As part of this call to action, Nike has developed a series of film shorts. One in particular, “Inner Thoughts,” speaks directly to our internal Debbie Downer, highlighting a variety of women revealing what exactly goes through their minds when they're challenged physically, as well as the path that takes them from doubting their abilities to conquering it all.

In addition to these motivating ads, Nike has also created the "N+TC 90-Day Better For It Challenge", which combines workouts from its two popular apps, Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running, into a training regimen designed to help participants reach their fitness goals faster.

Looks like Nike nailed this one, per usual. Does anyone else feel like heading to the gym right now?

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