Meet the 2015 "Fittest Woman on Earth": Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir. After battling it out in the brutal sun for five consecutive days against 39 women in 13 grueling tests of strength, endurance, and overall fitness, the Iceland native walked away yesterday afternoon with the top spot and bragging rights as the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games winner. (So much for my predictions!) Yet Davidsdottir remains humble.

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“I honestly didn’t come into this weekend with a goal of winning. What my goal was was to focus on myself and on the one task at hand,” Davidsdottir said in a post-Games interview. “I just wanted to come up to every event and know that that was my best at the time.”

What makes this victory even sweeter for the three-time competitor, who trained with two-time Games winner Annie Thorisdottir (who unfortunately had to withdraw from this year’s competition after suffering a "heat injury" last Friday), is that this is her redemption story. A poor performance on the legless rope climb in the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games European Regional killed her dreams of going to the Games that year.

“Not making it last year was heartbreaking. Every single day since then it’s just been hard work,” Davidsdottir also said, according to a CrossFit official Instagram post.

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While her hard work paid off, these Games were still no easy feat for Davidsdottir. In fact, she struggled during event 12, Pedal to the Medal I, in which competitors had to complete 3 pegboard ascents (a new-to-games challenge), a 24-calorie row, 16-calorie bike and 8 dumbbell snatches at 70 –pounds, all within a 6 minute time cap. Despite that, she roared back just two minutes later during Pedal to the Medal II (7 minutes to complete 12 parallette handstand push-ups, 24-calorie row, 16-calorie bike, and 8 kettlebell deadlifts using 248 pounds), to come in first.

In fact, it was this event that gave the 22 year-old the push in points she needed to jump into first place. (Davidsdottir finished with 790 points, 40 more than second place finisher Tia-Clair Toomey.)

All that’s left to say is kudos, Davidsdottir. You definitely get the badass award in our book.

If you missed any part of the Games, you can relive all the amazing feats of athleticism and ego-crushing moments here.

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