It's no secret that women’s sports often receive less attention from the press than men's sports, and when they do get attention, it tends to focus more on their appearance than on their athleticism, mental toughness, or skill.

Norway's women’s national soccer team has come up with a hilarious comeback for all the haters, courtesy of a new satirical video. With deadpan humor (and English subtitles), they tell a reporter from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that it’s plain and simple: They really are no good at soccer.

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The video, which is set to dramatic, documentary-style music, features goalkeeper Ingrid Hjelmseth calling her goal kicks a “nightmare” because she is unable to get the ball off the ground. Ingrid also notes that there should be two or three goalkeepers—the net is too large for one woman to handle. Team captain Trine Ronning complains that, “I sometimes watch women’s soccer on TV. Soooo boring.”

Midfielder Cathrine Dekkerhus lamented that her personal best is 25 kick-ups..."with a balloon."

The athletes make numerous suggestions for making the game easier for women: a smaller field; a smaller, lighter ball; and "free throws" instead of free kicks.

By skewering the insults people regularly level at women in sports with classy comebacks and a keen sense of humor, these women have shown that they're as impressive smarts-wise as they are on the field. That’s a play we're happy to cheer for.

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