If you haven't hopped on the fitness tracker bandwagon yet it's likely because a) there are way too many choices, and b) they're pretty expensive.

Enter Lumoid, which just announced a "try-before-you-buy program" for wearables that promises to remove those roadblocks for you. The company originally launched as a way to rent expensive photography gear, but now they're applying that (brilliant) idea to fitness and sleep trackers.

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You create an account and choose up to five gadgets you'd like to try from Lumoid's lineup, which includes those from top-rated brands like Garmin, FitBit, Jawbone, and Misfit. The sign-up process includes entering your credit card information, but there's no charge up front. You get a full week to take your favorites for a whirl before keeping your perfect fitor sending all of them back.

If you say no to all five, you'll pay a $20 rental fee, but should you decide to keep one, the fee is put toward the cost of the device. A week may not seem like enough time to really get to know each one, so a good strategy might be to narrow it down to two or three so you can give each one a few days of use. But it's up to you.

Even if you don't find your fitness-tracking soul mate the first go round, 20 bucks to explore your options is still way better than dropping a hundred-plus hard-earned dollars on a tracker you'll never use.

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