Whether it’s from sitting all day at the office, a grueling workout routine, or all of the above, most of us have plenty of aches and pains. Luckily, there are plenty of small exercises you can do to ease your sore muscles and get your body ready to take on any challenge. Watch this video to see Rebecca Kennedy, New York City-based fitness expert and celebrity trainer, share a sequence of stretches and exercises to help your body recover and recharge.

While most of us are well aware how crucial it is to take a recovery day after intense exercise, Kennedy’s sequence is the perfect example of what’s called an active recovery workout—meaning it focuses on mobility exercises that help get your body stretched out, warmed up, and optimized for movement. In fact, these kind of moves will not only help relieve stress from past workouts, but also help you perform substantially better during future workouts. For example, for part of the routine, Kennedy focuses on stretching and extending the hamstrings, which can help you run faster and execute a stronger deadlift.

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During this 25-minute sequence, Kennedy demonstrates a variety of movements meant to target all different parts of your body. For some of these moves, she uses props—like a lacrosse ball to roll out knots in the calves or a foam roller to ease tension in the thigh muscles. She also incorporates core work, since having a strong, stable core is crucial for supporting everything you do.  Finally, she steers clear of any static stretches, and instead focuses on dynamic ones. That means in addition to all the soothing recovery, there’s plenty of opportunity to get your heart pumping as well. So whether you’re looking for a productive way to spend a recovery day or are looking for some helpful stretches to try pre- or post-workout, this exercise sequence will hit all your fit needs.