With the glut of 10-minute workout DVDs now on the market, you may be tempted to write off the newest offering, 10-Minute Solution: Rapid Results Fat Burner, as just a gimmick. But that would be a mistake. Even though 10 minutes doesn't make for a complete cardio workout (but it's a good start), 20 minutes does if it's intense—and intensity is what this DVD is all about.

Like many of its 10-minute siblings, Rapid Results offers five kick-butt workouts you can mix and match in any number and order. There's something for everyone here: sports drills, plyometrics (think jumping and hopping), kickboxing, and good old-fashioned aerobics. The result: You can craft a high-intensity, never-boring routine to fit whatever chunk of time you have.

It helps that the instructor, Cat Chiarelli, is really likable. She has great energy and totally commits to all of the moves; toward the end of each workout, you can tell she's breathing a little heavy and isn't finding it quite as easy to chat up her viewers. An instructor who's feeling the pain along with me—I love that. Despite the obvious exertion, though, she stays right in the game, bestowing helpful form tips and encouragement from start to sweaty finish.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks: Chiarelli tries to fit multiple, somewhat complex, combinations into three of the five workouts; since she has only 10 minutes, the transitions are rapid and can be hard to follow. Also, some of the traveling moves require more room than my (somewhat small) den has to offer.

Still, for a working mom like me whose husband often leaves for work before the sun rises (leaving me with "Zoe duty"), intense and enjoyable at-home workouts are nothing to sneeze at—and this DVD now has a permanent place on my shelf.

Product: 10-Minute Solution: Rapid Results Fat Burner

Category: DVD

Pros: You can create a variety of customized, high-intensity routines that last from 10 to 50 minutes, all led by a likable instructor.

Cons: Some of the fast-paced combinations can be hard to follow at first, and require a good bit of room to do them in.

Cost: $12.99 at Amazon.com

Extra tip: Give your muscles a good warm-up first by marching in place for a couple of minutes. These workouts are short, so the "warm-up" portions don't quite do it if you're not warmed up already.