When exercising alone just doesn't seem to cut it, try this partner workout, which includes six total-body moves. To learn the steps, watch this video and follow along with Health’s associate editor Jacqueline Andriakos and rising fitness star Katie Austin, daughter of fitness legend Denise Austin. Then, grab your workout partner-in-crime to get sweating through three circuits of the moves.

Austin says working out with a partner can turn a blah workout into a fun challenge or game. She also notes that working out with your bestie holds you accountable, so you’re less likely to bail on your plan at the last minute.

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To start the first circuit, perform this move: a squat with a hand switch off. You’ll face your partner and reach one arm out to meet her outstretched arm. Then, squat at the same time your partner does. When you come back to standing position, twist, switch arms and repeat to work your glutes and abs all at once. Do this (and every other move in this workout) for 30 seconds. Katie recommends taking a 15-second rest between each move.

Next, perform bicycles by touching the balls of your feet with your partner’s, using your leg weight to create resistance for the other person. You’ll then take turns holding each other’s feet during sit ups. Move four, an inverted plank push up, will make your arms burn. Have your partner hold your legs while you alternate extending and resting on your elbows. Finish off the circuit with leg circles to work your abs, jump squats for your quads and glutes, and leg lifts for more core strength-building.

Repeat this circuit two more times to really feel the burn. You don’t even need equipment--just the encouragement of a good friend.