Want to know how to get Aly Raisman’s enviable legs and Sanya Richards-Ross’ rock hard abs? Watch the video to learn about the fitness routines of your favorite members of Team USA, including Missy Franklin, Gabby Douglas, and Dana Vollmer.

Don't have time to watch? Here's the full transcript:

Dana Vollmer: I try to think that I'm training 24/7.

Sanya Richards-Ross: I'm on the track five days a week. 

Aly Raisman: Gymnastics you take so many poundings on your body, and three out of the four events are leg events.

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Gabby Douglas: We do arms, cores, legs.

Raisman: Box jumps.

Douglas: Squats.

Raisman: Toes raises.

Douglas: Back hamstrings.

Raisman: Jumping up and down.

Douglas: We do it all.

Missy Franklin: I do a lot of training outside of the pool as well as inside of it. 

Richards-Ross: I do Pilates. 

Dana Vollmer: It's in the posture, it's in how I lift my son off the ground. Or putting dishes away. 

Franklin: I love hot yoga. So I do that for about 90 minutes twice a week. 

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Richards-Ross: I'm in the weight room three to four days a week. 

Franklin: I also do weight training, of course. 

Richards-Ross: And I do a thousand sit-ups every day.