If you're not beach-body ready, this move will surely help to get you there. If you don't have access to the beach this move can be done anywhere.

How to do it: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart, knees bent slightly, and you hands up in front of you--palms facing away from your body. Lift your right foot and bend your knee at a 90 degree angle so your heel is behind you. Gently hinge forward in a falling motion while keeping your right leg bent and lifted. Allow your left heel to lift off the ground and push into your hands and the ball of your left foot to return to the previous, upright position. Repeat for 30 seconds and switch sides to repeat for an additional 30 seconds.

Too difficult? To make the move easier keep both feet on the ground and after standing back up do a knee lift on alternate sides.

Try this move: Single-Leg Push-Off

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