Want to sweat it out like fashion runway models Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid? Then this high-repetition, low-impact workout from ModelFIT is just what you’re looking for. ModelFIT was created to help models achieve the toned, lean physiques they need to do their jobs, but the classes offered at the studio are open to anyone and everyone.

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The classes focus on injury prevention and proper technique, two basic concepts that promote a healthy, strong body. When you come to the studio, you can take small group classes from boxing to yoga or hire a personal trainer to focus on your specific goals and needs. Watch the video here to get a taste of ModelFIT’s sculpting class.

To start, you’ll do a warm up that consists of yoga-inspired stretches to open up your hip flexors and take notice of your overall balance. Stretches for the abs, back, hamstrings, and more will prepare you for the more intense moves to come while keeping your figure long and lean looking.

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Next, you’ll use resistance bands and circles while doing squats. Planks, mountain climbers, and sliding moves will engage your core for a full-body workout meant to burn calories while toning you up in all the right places.

The best part of this ModelFIT workout? You probably have most of the equipment, like dish towels and resistance bands, already. If you don’t already own them, these items are an inexpensive and easy find at a fitness store or online. Keep watching to get all the moves down, or head to a class near you to try them in-person with an instructor