Whether or not you ever plan on taking your moves to the ring, martial arts training is one of the most intense workouts you can do. This calorie-torching form of exercise challenges and tones every part of your body—and mastering a fierce uppercut or switch kick is incredibly empowering!

Here, Equinox instructor and Daily Burn trainer Phoenix Carnevale guides you through a martial arts-inspired workout, designed to strengthen your whole body and get your heart pumping. Since martial arts requires a range of fitness skills, she covers everything from flexibility to cardiovascular endurance to balance.

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Watch this video to learn Carnevale’s martial arts routine. It begins with a light warmup to help get the blood flowing to every muscle and release tension from the body. Not only does this form of active stretching help increase flexibility, but it also boosts agility and mobility.

Next, she goes over different elements of martial arts fighting. Carnevale explains how important it is to really learn the proper technique for every move. For starters, she teaches how to properly throw a punch, which involves using your entire body for power and leverage, while releasing tension in your shoulders and traps. Next comes instruction on how to dodge a punch with moves called “level changes,” which also happen to be a great workout for your quads and glutes. Then Carnevale demonstrates how to perfect a powerful kick, which builds strong and lean legs in the process.

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As part of her rigorous fighting lesson, she also includes ample conditioning moves to keep your arms, back, hips, and legs strong, limber, and ready for action. And to finish off the routine, Carnevale counters the strenuous exercise with some light stretching.

Once you’ve completed this kick-butt workout, you’ll have done wonders to improve your balance, strength, cardio, agility, and mobility.