If anyone knows how to sculpt a stunning and strong lower body, it’s Emily Skye. With nearly 2 million Instagram followers and her own F.I.T. program, the certified personal trainer has become one of the most popular influencers for sweat-obsessed women around the world.

We tapped Emily to share some of her go-to exercises for a powerful physique from the waist down. It’s especially important to build strength in the center and lower regions of the body, since almost all movement originates from our middle. Plus, by toning major muscles in the abdomen and legs, you not only improve your posture, but also reduce your risk of injury.

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Another reason to build up your lower body? Strong thighs, a boosted backside, and rock-hard abs can help your performance in a range of different exercises, from cardio activities like running to core-based techniques like Pilates. So no matter your workout preference, strength below your midline is sure to deliver health benefits.

Watch this video and follow along as the Australian social media star skillfully sculpts her legs, core, and butt using squats, glute lunges, bridges, and modified burpees. You’ll see how easy it is to do the quick but effective exercises, and get your own solid trunk and tight core, too.