Lindsey Vonn just can't catch a break.

Just a few weeks after returning to the slopes following an ankle fracture, the four-time World Cup champion and gold medal-winning skier landed back in the hospital this weekend, this time thanks to a nasty dog bite to her hand.

"So the story is that my dogs got rowdy fighting over a dang Frisbee and I tried to break it up but got bit instead. Fun weekend," Vonn tweeted on Saturday.

Later that day, she posted a video to her Instagram account showing off the extent of her injuries. (Warning: don't watch if you're squeamish.)

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Despite a few stitches, the Olympian remained in good spirits. She even cracked a joke about how her injury made for a great Jimmy Fallon belated Halloween costume, a reference to Fallon’s nasty finger injury earlier this summer.

Never one to pass up a joke, the late-night host tweeted well wishes to Vonn, while also poking some fun at himself.

"@LindseyVonn Oh no! I was faking mine," he tweeted. "You should've called me first! #QuickRecovery."

The athlete responded, "Well I should get an A for effort at least #DefinitelyShouldHaveCalled."

Thankfully, the injury didn’t keep Vonn down for too long; the next day she posted a video of herself back on the slopes.

“Dog bite is fine,” she captioned with the thumbs up emoji.


Dog bite is fine 😄👍🏻 (snapchat: @lindseyvonnski)

A video posted by Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) on

The lesson for the rest of us: maybe don't come between your dogs and the Frisbee.

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