It seems as Fall approaches there is one holiday after another! From Halloween to New Year's, there are not only more temptations of delicious foods; but also less time to fit in a workout.

My solution to battling the bulge during this hectic, food filled time of year is to get in a shorter, more intense workout that can keep us sane, strong and lean. Building a strong body gives us the willpower to also say no to going overboard with rich, heavy foods.

We feel so good and fit, we hate to blow it with one too many pieces of pumpkin pie.

Strong Body Move: Yoga Burpees
This yoga burpee works the entire body and also gets the heart rate up. Even if you only do 10-12 reps of this one move, you will have worked your entire body.

Go enjoy the holidays, spend time with your loved ones, don't obsess too much on allowing yourself a few treats; but also give yourself the workout you deserve. A strong body will help you make the most out of this season!

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