I am so excited for The Wanderlust Festival this Sunday in NYC! I am the master of ceremonies at the event; and I will be giving demos of moves from my newest DVD, S3, in the Health Pavilion. S3 stands for Strong, Sexy and Svelte—the three components of my personal fitness regime. Over the next few days, I’ll share some secrets to my approach.

Strong: I have always lifted weights to complement my yoga practice, which uses a lot of pressing exercise, but not many pulling type movements. Strength training is crucial to balance out our physiques; and keep us safe for all of our activities including yoga. It’s also important for women as we age (I just celebrated my 39th birthday) to maintain muscle mass to keep our metabolism active, preserve bone density, and look good!

I like to lift weighs while holding and moving through yoga postures to challenge my core, balance, and get in some circuit training, which is the most efficient way to burn more calories in less time. Being strong gives us courage.

If you are in Manhattan and can join me live on Sunday, I would love to meet you!

If you can’t make it to Wanderlust, here are some moves you can do at home to help you stay strong, sexy and svelte. I will continue to share exercises, mantras, ideas, breathing techniques, foods and recipes with you. I welcome ideas and tips from you as well. Here’s to being courageous, confident and compassionate towards our selves!

Strong Core:
Yoga Tone Boat to Canoe with weights—start seated place a weight (anywhere from 2-10 lbs.) between your feet and lift your legs in to a tabletop position in the air. Hold another weight sideways in your hands. Engage your core and on an inhalation hinge back so your body is hovering off the floor as your straighten your legs. Exhale and come back to starting position. Repeat 15-20 times.