If you get stressed during the holidays because it seems harder and harder to find time to work out, don't panic--do a quickie! Really, all you need is 10 minutes a day to maintain your fitness.

Studies have proven it can actually be more beneficial to your metabolism to do shorter, harder workouts. I developed 10-12 minute workouts on my app because I know psychologically anyone can commit to 10 minutes a day. Chances are you'll get started and realize you have the time and energy to do even more; or at the very least, you'll have blasted out 10-12 minutes of movement.

When you are really pressed for time, try a full body exercise like a lunging twist. This move will help you get strong through your hips and thighs, while toning your entire body. If you don't have a set of hand weights readily available, you can still perform the exercise. Jump, twist, and open your arm to the ceiling in a dynamic explosive way to burn major calories.

No matter how crazy the holidays get, you'll always feel better if you do an intense short workout and blow off some stress physically. I promise it will do you body and your brain wonders!

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