While your baby’s napping, go ahead and squeeze in some at-home strength-training. In this video, Jillian Michaels demonstrates the Wide Row in Half Squat, a total-body exercise that will tone your core, upper back, and glutes. Just about anyone can benefit from this move, but Jillian recommends it specifically for women trying to regain strength post-pregnancy.

The exercise is fantastic because it targets and strengthens all the baby-lifting areas—your abdominals, your arms and shoulders, and your butt. To start, stand with your feet hip-width distance apart. Bend you knees until they are 90-degree angles and hinge at the hip, bringing your chest toward your knees. At the same time, holding 3- or 5- pound weights in your hands, extend your arms in front of you and then pull or “row” both weights straight back, keeping your back flat and maintaining your half-squat. Then slowly lower your your arms after a pause. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Be safe! Wait at least six weeks postpartum to do any type of strength training – and at least three months if you had diastasis recti or a C-section – and be sure to get your doctor’s approval before you begin.