Fitness trainer, wellness coach, and best-selling author Jillian Michaels is a magician when it comes to remaking your body—including after you’ve had a baby. 

In this video, Jillian demonstrates the Sumo Squat With Rotator exercise, which targets the legs and the arms so you’ll be bending and lifting up your baby with ease in no time. Wait at least six weeks postpartum to do any type of strength training—and at least three months if you had diastasis recti or a C-section—and be sure to get your doctor’s approval before you begin.

To start, grab a resistance band or 3- or 5-pound hand weights, and hold the band in front of you. Stand with your feet apart, toes pointed slightly outward. Sink straight down into wide-legged a squat, as if you have a heavy tailbone. Make sure to engage your core to prevent putting too much pressure in your lower back. At the same time, pull the band apart in front of you, so your arms are in a T-shape. Come back to the starting position and then repeat as many times as possible (while maintaining good form) for 30 seconds.