There are so many things in life that are always better together—wine and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, avocado and...everything. The same holds true for strength exercises. In this video, Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type, guides you through a series of supersets, or pairs of exercises that are performed back-to-back without rest and act as a team to tone and strengthen your body fast and efficiently. 

Each of Widerstrom’s movement pairs start with an isometric hold, which is a static exercise designed to “pre-exhaust” your muscles. The second half of the superset is a complementary active exercise that shapes and defines your muscles. 

Widerstrom’s superset workout consists of five exercise pairs:

  1. Plank Twist + Push-Up
  2. Chair Pose + Squat Jumps
  3. Lunge Hold + Reverse Runner’s Hop
  4. Boat Hold + Bicycle Crunches
  5. Knee to Elbow Holds + Mountain Climbers

Perform the first exercise for 20 seconds, and then immediately do the second exercise for an additional 20 seconds. Go through the entire circuit three to six times.

Watch the video to see Widerstrom demonstrate exactly how to perform each exercise. Then go get shredded!