Finding balance is an essential part of life—and that includes literally keeping your physical balance. Without it, your body wouldn’t be able to complete basic movements like walking, sitting and standing. In this video, Lauren Williams teaches us five moves to improve our balance, and in turn, feel stronger and more stable in our bodies. Watch and follow along.

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Don’t have time to watch? Here’s the full transcript:

Having good balance helps you move freely throughout the world, whether that’s running after your kids, or playing sports. It also helps you avoid injury. Here are five moves to help you improve your balance.

Single-leg deadlifts: For this move, you're going to be challenging your balance by standing on the same leg the whole time while moving your opposite leg. Stand on your left leg, take your right leg and hinge forward, extending that right leg back and bringing both arms in front of you in line with your ears. Come back to standing. You can make this more challenging by not putting the foot on the ground, or by adding a weight. Don’t forget to switch sides!

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Side lunge to knee drive: For this move, you're going to challenge your balance by pushing off from a lunge and then into a balanced position. Start with your feet together. Come into a low side lunge. Now, push off and balance on your standing leg. Repeat that, and then make sure you do both sides.

Squat-to-calf raise: For this balance move, start on flat feet and move into a raised position. Find your squat position. Your feet are hip-width apart. Come deep into your squat. From here extend and rise up onto your toes and then back down. To make it harder you can add your arms.

Low & high side kicks: For this move, you're going to do low and high kicks on one leg while balancing on the other. Start balancing on the left leg. With the right leg, give a low kick, a high kick, and then back to a low kick. Make sure you do both sides.

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Plank reach: For this move, we are going to be challenging your core, which is crucial for your balance. Start by coming into a plank. Hands are underneath your shoulders, your feet can start wide to help with your balance. From here, lift opposite hands and feet up, and then switch. You’re really going to feel it in your core. You’re also going to squeeze your butt to help you stabilize.