A workout on the rowing machine is a great addition to your gym routine. Rowing is one of the best exercises you can do for your back because it involves so many different muscles. And since you use triceps and biceps to stay stabilized, you’re sneaking in an effective arm workout as well. 

That said, if your form is off, you may not reap any of these muscle-sculpting benefits. To prevent little mistakes from holding you back from your fitness goals, watch this video to see the correct way to use the row machine. It will walk you through the proper positioning. 

Here are the basics: Once you’re seated, take a look at your knees. Make sure they’re not locked or hyperextended, and that they are slightly bent. Then, while holding the handle of the cable with both hands, next make sure your back is straight, not rounded or leaning forward.

To keep your back stable (and safe) throughout your workout, focus on engaging your abs. You’ll also get an ab workout at the same time (win, win!). 

When you’re ready to begin, pull the cable only to your chest and continue engaging your arms, back, and abs as you return the cable to its starting position.