Between dealing with family drama, preparing excessive amounts of food, and shopping for way too many gifts, there’s no denying the holidays can be pretty stressful. But despite the challenges thrown at us in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, there really are ways we can remain relaxed. One healthy coping strategy: Yoga.

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Here, Equinox trainer Noemi Henriquez guides us through a Baptiste Yoga workout designed to challenge your body and help you unwind during the holidays. Her 10-minute flow was designed to be done Thanksgiving morning to relax and burn calories before chowing down on a big dinner, but you could do it any time of year that you have a stressful (or indulgent) day ahead of you.

Baptiste Yoga is perfect for both stress relief and calorie burning. It combines a fast-paced physical flow with meditation and self-inquiry practices. As far as yoga styles go, Baptiste is on the more rigorous side (a la Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Bikram), so expect to sweat and feel your muscles burn.

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Watch this video to follow along with Henriquez in this fun, yet challenging flow. She’ll guide you through a big variety of poses and flows—down dog, sun salutations, and wheel. This class is meant to offer you both a physical and mental workout, leaving you totally ready to take on your holidays.