In order to boost overall strength, it’s essential to work on tightening and toning your core. That’s because the muscles in the core serve as the powerhouse for the rest of our bodies. When the abdominals are engaged, performance improves—no matter what type of physical activity you’re doing.

A tight core can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re running a 5K, perfecting a challenging yoga pose, or sweating it out in spin class. Plyometric exercises (also referred to as “jump training”), help build stamina, since they require your muscles to use as much force as possible during short bursts of high-intensity movement. For example, a plyometric ‘sprint’ may consist of a 30-second interval during which you complete as many jump squats as possible, as fast as you can. Out of breath yet?

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An even more effective strategy? Combining core work with plyometric exercises. Take the classic mountain climber move, for example: In this exercise, you remain in plank position while quickly jogging your legs in towards your chest. Not only do mountain climbers strengthen your abdominals (they have to remain tight the entire time), but this move also powers up your leg muscles. While your legs sprint it out, your arms and abs support the weight of your upper body. Talk about a total-body tone-up!

In this video, Burn Boot Camp founders Morgan and Devan Kline show you some of their favorite moves that will seriously sculpt you from head to toe. Get ready to sweat and power up your core with these high-intensity plyometric exercises.