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An 80-year-old woman used Crossfit to cope with her husband's death

Posted by NowThis on Friday, August 14, 2015


When asked to picture a CrossFitter, your imagination will likely conjure up visions of ripped 30-somethings with mountain-like biceps, eight-pack abs, and thigh muscles that could cut steel. Which is why 80-year-old Constance Tillit stands out—and why she’s way more inspiring than the average jock.

Tillit joined a Brooklyn CrossFit box after her husband passed away, and she’s been using his memory as fuel for every challenging WOD.

“He was my nurse, my doctor, my friend, my everything. He was my encouragement and he’s still my encouragement,”she says in the Facebook video above from NowThis. “He’s with me right now.”

The video, which has been viewed close to 8 million times, shows the fierce octogenarian carrying sandbags, doing ring rows and deadlifting despite two hip replacements, two knee replacements, and two rotator cuff replacements—bringing new meaning to the phrase "no excuses."

In ten months, Tillit has lost 50 pounds, and she has an encouraging, tough-love message (which fits right in with the CrossFit ethos) for others.

“Get up and do it,” she said. “Stop with the whining, stop with the ‘Oh, you have to take care of me.’ Take care of yourself.”

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