To perform this simple exercise with a foam roller, kneel on your foam roller with your hands on the ground in front of you and roll towards your ankles, and then back towards your knees, to stretch out shins and relieve pressure from shin splints. Watch the video to see a demonstration from fitness expert Lauren Williams.

Don’t have time to watch? Here’s the full transcript:

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Put the foam roller on flat ground. Come onto the foam roller right underneath your knees on your shines. From here, roll down to where your ankles are and then back to the knees. Be careful not to roll over the knee joint. Go all the way down to where the ankle is so you get the full shin. The shins are often a neglected area—people tend to focus on the back of the leg. But, if you want to avoid getting shin splints and get rid of any of that tightness that happens in the front of your leg, this is a great way to target it.