Confession: We’re seriously obsessed with Aussie fitness sensation Emily Skye. So much so, in fact, that we teamed up with her for our 30-Day Love Your Strength Challenge, a get-strong plan that helps you be your fittest self inside and out in just one month, with the help of a smart, expert-approved training plan. 

And if anyone knows the best way to build lean and mean muscle, it’s Skye. Need proof? Check out this total-body kettlebell workout.

Kettlebells are a great way to build muscle throughout the body. And because the weighted cast-iron spheres are super versatile, you can integrate them into all of your favorite exercises. For example, try adding a kettlebell to your classic burpee, adding a row movement when you pop up to standing after your plank. 

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Here’s another way to work it out with a kettlebell: Squat super low with the weight held tight to your chest the whole time. The extra pounds will work your quads and glutes even more as you drive your body upward. 

And who could pass up a classic kettlebell swing? Watch this clip to learn how to do the thrusting motion the right way so you don’t get hurt in the gym.

Be sure to watch this video if you’re looking for more ways to add the equipment to your fitness routine. Follow along as Emily Skye shows you how to work your body from top to bottom using a kettlebell. The best part of all: You only need to do each exercise for 30 seconds. Ready, set, sculpt!

No time to watch the video? Here’s the full workout:

Modified burpee + kettlebell row: 30 seconds
Goblet squat: 30 seconds
Kettlebell swing: 30 seconds
Single leg glute bridge: 30 seconds