Mark Sacro Photography

Ever wonder why kids get such a kick out of banging the life out of everything in sight? The table. The trash can. The couch. After taking Pound, I now know why.

Created by two drummers, Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, this workout gives new meaning to jam session. "We were looking for something to help us cure our workout ADD," says Potenza. "Then one day we realized that when you're perched over a drum set without a seat, you're forcing your entire body to really work."

The 45-minute class, which is set to a beat heavy 12-track playlist featuring everyone from Travis Barker and Rage Against the Machine to Ludacris and Rihanna, uses fluorescent RipStix (drum sticks that are twice the weight of regular ones) that you pound against the floor and each other, while performing lunges, squats, bridges, and some pretty challenging ab work (think Pilates 100s). Basically, a mash-up of almost every exercise out there: Pilates, isometrics, plyometrics, and even a bit of dance. According to Peerenboom, you'll drum off up to 800 calories per session, and "walk away feeling like a rock star." (Now that is music to my ears!) And don't worry about getting bored—every three to four weeks, Potenza and Peerenboom send out new tracks and moves, to keep their followers constantly challenged.

For now, you can pound away in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Miami, but by the end of the year the class will be featured in 16 more locations, including Vancouver and Mexico City. For a full class schedule, chick here.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this class. In the first five minutes I was covered in sweat and my heart was racing. I was working hard, but still having so much fun. (Let's be honest, while I love to work out and push my body, not everything I do is fun. OK Soul Cycle is definitely fun!). The best part: I am pretty sure I drummed away all of the day's sweat!