This 12-minute dance cardio workout will get you to burn calories and build strength in style. In this video, Katie Austin, daughter of famous fitness instructor Denise Austin, fuses traditional exercises like squats or bicep curls with easy-to-follow dance steps.

Her exercises target and tone the glutes, work the biceps, and strengthen the core, while burning a ton of calories. Best of all, Katie knows that dance cardio is more than a fat-burning workout—it’s a chance to move to the music, let off some steam, and express yourself. So go ahead and get down!

But if you’re not ready to hit the club (or the gym) with these moves yet, don’t worry. You can easily follow along and do this workout in the privacy of your own home. Katie designed the routine specifically to take up about the same amount of floor space as a yoga mat. So go ahead, clear some space, hit play, and dance like nobody’s watching.