Want to get zen without leaving your house? This stress-busting vinyasa yoga sequence by CorePower Yoga instructor Claire Ewing is just what you need.

This yoga flow from CorePower Yoga, a nationwide chain of yoga studios focused on bringing mindfulness into your workouts, will give you a deep stretch and help clear your mind. You’ll start the sequence in high plank with your fingers spread out on the yoga mat so your weight is evenly distributed. Next, move into Downward-Facing Dog, pedaling out your feet before walking them to meet your hands at the top of the mat.

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After that, you’ll move through Chair pose, another high plank, and Upward-Facing Dog before repeating the sequence with additional moves: Warrior I, Warrior II, and Warrior III are all thrown into the mix to increase flexibility and strengthen your lower body. Throughout the sequence, Ewing will offer tips to help ensure that your breath corresponds with your movements.

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Yoga newbie? Not to worry: This flow features plenty of beginner-friendly variations on more challenging poses, so you can follow along without missing a beat. In the 18-minute video above, two Health editors do the moves with you. By the end, you’ll feel totally blissed-out and in tune with your body (hello, flexibility!).