Can’t make it to the gym? No problem, this 10-minute workout is designed for small spaces. Full of cardio and high-intensity movements, this workout is sure to make you break a sweat and get your daily workout in without ever leaving your apartment or hotel room. Watch the video and follow along with fitness expert Lauren Williams to complete the workout!

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Don’t have time to watch? Read the full transcript:

If you don’t have time to get to the gym you can still get in a killer workout at home, even if you don’t have a lot of space. Here’s a 10-minute cardio workout designed specifically for tight spaces.

This is a tabata-style workout, which means that you’re going to do 50 seconds of a move and then have a 10-second transition.

Single leg reach and hop: We’ll start on our lower body with a single-leg reach into a hop. Start by standing on the left leg, and then reach your right leg back keeping it hovering off the ground. Then bring your right leg forward, bring your knee up, and hop. Once you have it, speed it up. Do this for 50 seconds, and then switch legs.

Squat jumps and squat pulse: Get into a squat position and do two pulses, slightly bending the knees. After the second pulse, jump and turn to the other side, landing in a squat position, and do two squat pulses. Get as low as you can on that pulse and then get nice and explosive as you jump up.

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Plank walks and shoulder tap: Start in a forearm plank position. Your hips are in line with your shoulders. Come up to a top plank, and then do a shoulder tap on each side. Return back down to a forearm plank. Repeat this motion. Make sure that you’re alternating the arm you use to get into a top plank and to get back down into a forearm plank so that you’re working both sides of the body.

Donkey kicks with a frogger: up the donkey kick by getting into a plank position, but walking your feet in closer to the hands with the knees slightly bent. Jump off the floor and try to kick your butt. Then, go into a frogger. Bring your right foot to your right hand, and then switch. Bring your left foot to left hand, and then back to the starting position to prepare for the donkey kick. You will feel this in your shoulders and quads, and pretty much everywhere—it’s a good one for a total-body burn.

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Beast kick through: Come into the beast pose—knees under hips and a few inches off the ground. Rotate to your left side keeping your left hand on the ground. Bring your left leg out, extend it close to the ground, and pull your right arm back. Come back to center, and then switch sides. Repeat this exercise and speed it up. You’ll be working your shoulders and your core as you hover your leg off the ground.

Repeat these five moves to complete the 10-minute exercise.