Tired of the treadmill and sick of the elliptical? Try salsa dancing instead! It might just be the sexiest workout ever. Full of fancy footwork and moves like body rolls and hip circles, salsa dancing is all about feeling the rhythm—and flaunting what you’ve got while you do so.

If you ask us, salsa is the perfect activity for fitness fanatics who want to mix up their routine, and still get in a serious sweat session.

Not convinced? Dancing may be just as effective as your regular workout of choice, since it’s estimated to burn anywhere from 5 to 10 calories per minute, depending on the speed and intensity. Plus, dancing helps lubricate joints, strengthen muscles, and improve posture.

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Another upshot to the Latin American dance form? It’s totally social. Unlike more solitary activities like running or spinning, salsa dance requires you to interact with others as you work it out on the dance floor. And we don’t have to tell you we love a good partner workout.

In this video, professional dancer Rebecca Blomberg will lead you through easy-to-follow salsa steps designed to help beginners work up a sweat. Get ready to get toned while you shake it, and follow along as Blomberg expertly demonstrates a simple way to enjoy the sultry and slimming dance form.