Did you ever dream about being a ballerina? Or at least achieve a sculpted, slender body like one? Good news: Here’s a workout that lets you condition your body just like a professional dancer. Watch this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at how ballerinas from American Ballet Theater strengthen and tone their bodies when they’re not on stage or in class.

This workout is a go-to for ABT dancers and Studio Standards reps Jamie Kopit and Katie Boren, whether they’re trying to warm up before class, stay mobile between breaks on rehearsal days, or sneak in some extra strength work at home to finish off their day of training. Each move targets certain areas that are especially crucial for dancers, like core, glutes, calves, back, and a bit of upper body. Targeting these muscles helps them improve their dancing abilities, as well as strengthen muscles that help prevent injuries. 

But you don’t have to be a dancer or have a studio at your disposal to try out this workout for yourself! Similar to the ballet-inspired barre method, this sequence is totally accessible and designed for anyone. So grab a chair, clear some floor space, and get to it!