Instagram fitness star Anna Victoria has a healthy following for a reason. The certified personal trainer knows that physical fitness comes from smart lifestyle changes, not fad diets.

That’s why she created the Fit Body Guides, which offer subscribers nutritious meal plans along with heart-pumping HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) routines.

HIIT is the wildly popular form of exercise that consists of short intervals of high-energy bodyweight exercises, like burpees and lunges, followed by even shorter recovery periods.  

Like many fitness enthusiasts, Anna Victoria is obsessed with HIIT, in part because it allows you to squeeze in a serious sweat session in so little time. And science is on board too; research shows the much buzzed-about workout offers tons of health benefits.

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For one, HIIT can help boost cardiovascular health, since it raises your heart rate fast. The high-intensity exercise has also been shown to bump up calorie burn in a major way. Not only can a HIIT workout torch up to 15 calories per minute, it also helps speed up your metabolism, so you continue to burn fat even after you’ve completed your workout. Talk about a win-win.

In this video, Anna Victoria guides you through three different HIIT circuits for the lower body, upper body, and core in just six minutes. Watch as she demonstrates the best exercises to do when you’re short on time, from wide squats to walking planks and more.