As a former U.S. Marine, Erin Oprea is dedicated to fitness. Now a Nashville-based personal trainer with clients like Carrie Underwood, she uses her expertise to help those with busy lives stay fit. Visit her site or follow her on Twitter @erinoprea. Then come back every Thursday to master a new workout move.

With spring and wonderful weather upon us, you know exactly what time of year it is: spring-cleaning. The most hated time of year. It doesn’t even come with presents, family, a medal or monetary compensation.

However, it is a prime opportunity to get active and get yourself set up for a great summer! Try out the Decline Pushup with a Core Twist for a great challenge and the perfect way to find all the cleaning you need to do on your floors. This move will also work your chest, shoulders and core when done correctly—form is key!

Decline Push-up With Core Twist

1. Place your feet elevated on a step, bench or chair and hands slightly wider than shoulder width.

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE Great Ideas/Zach Harrison Photography

2. Make sure you keep your core tight and legs straight as you lower your chest near the ground.

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE Great Ideas/Zach Harrison Photography

3. Push up to the starting position and now bring your left knee to your right elbow. (Or at least as far as you can.)

Photo: Courtesy of PEOPLE Great Ideas/Zach Harrison Photography

4. Lastly, bring your right knee to your left elbow.

5. Repeat for 5-20 reps depending on your level for a complete set. Get in 3 sets to make it a great part of your workout.

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