A few simple tweaks to your practice can help you torch bonus calories the next time you step on the mat. Follow these easy tips from top instructor Colleen Saidman Yee, creator of the Gaiam DVD Calorie Killer Yoga.

Sign up for a supercharged class

Look for one that focuses on performing either fast repetitions of sequences such as Sun Salutations, which increases cardiovascular benefits, or slow strengthening exercises, which builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism.

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Push your poses a little harder

You can amplify the strengthening component of any posture in your practice by turning it into even more of an isometric exercise: Try to repeatedly stretch out and then wrinkle the mat with your hands and feet to create push-pull resistance.

Pump it up

Pulsing your arms quickly up and down during both seated and standing yoga poses will really get your heart rate going. Another option is to add light hand and ankle weights to your session, which will make your upper- and lower-body work extra challenging.

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