Haven't tried yoga yet, or been slacking on your savasanas lately? We'll give you one good reason to try it this month: It's free!

In celebration of National Yoga Month, over 2000 studios countrywide are offering free one-week trials that can be used until the end of October. The mission is to educate participants on the power and health benefits of yoga, while communicating with teachers and creating new friendships with other classmates.

People should participate in National Yoga Month because "it's empowering to join a community focused on a collective passion," says Chrissy Carter, creator of Beginning Yoga by Gaiam and NYC-based yoga instructor. "It only serves to reignite our own life."

Yoga can help boost metabolism, ease pain, anxiety, and stress, help with flexibility, and strengthen muscles.

"Yoga improves the quality of your life by giving you permission to be right where you are," says Carter. "You don't have to be flexible or advanced - you just have to be exactly who you are."

National Yoga Month is a great time for beginners to try a new exercise, and veterans to shake up their routine by trying a new type —from Hatha to hot yoga, Vinyasa to power yoga.

Here are just some of the freebies and events:

  • Save some moolah: Not only can you receive free one-week vouchers, there are a slew of other free offerings. Athleta is also offering free online and in-store yoga classes, and YogiTunes is offering a free song download: “Om Namo” by Eeday.
  • Om with people from around the world: As National Yoga Month comes to a close, participants around the world are encouraged to practice yoga at 7 p.m.  on Sept. 30 for a mass yoga “wave” around the globe. Grab a buddy for a class or do it at home by yourself.
  • Do-good for others: Already a hardcore yogi? Donate a yoga class or donate to a teacher to help the Yoga Health Foundation and their mission to spread awareness for yoga and its health benefits. You can also donate to Give Back Yoga Foundation to support teachers looking to reach individuals in underserved and underresourced parts of the world.

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