One of my best friends, Amanda, got married this fall, and I had the honor of being her bridesmaid. For those of you who haven’t seen Bridesmaids one of the duties of a bridesmaid (and maid of honor) is to throw the bachelorette party.

Amanda doesn't really drink, so I knew better than to throw a “girls gone wild” bachelorette party. With strippers, tequila shots, and clubbing off the table, I (and the rest of her wedding party) had to come up with a unique way to celebrate that would line up with the bride’s interests.

As a biology graduate student, she does love adventure and the outdoors. So, rather than bar hop, we decided to “trail hop,” and spend an afternoon hiking together in the Pocono Mountains before going out to dinner to celebrate.

Her bachelorette party was not only unique to her interests; it gave us a chance to explore the outdoors together, and work off some calories too. Depending on your weight, hiking for half an hour burns 200-700 calories! And as a city girl, it was nice to spend an afternoon back in the woods—we even saw a waterfall and did a little rock climbing during the hike.

Looking for other substitutes to the bachelorette bar scene? Whether your bride isn’t much of a drinker or you are just looking for a unique spin on the traditional free-for-all, here are nine other fun and healthy alternative ideas for a bachelorette party.

Added bonus: These activities are more likely to help you fit into that bridesmaid dress than a night out drinking lots of sugary, high-calorie drinks.

White-water rafting
If your bride loves water sports (and craves adventure) hit the water and go white-water rafting. Still want to get a little wet, but aren't a thrill seeker? Try kayaking or canoeing for the day. Many kayaking and white-water rafting trips incorporate a place where you can stop along the way and have a picnic lunch.

A new trend among brides-to-be, spend an hour or two de-stressing together with a yoga class. You can either rent out a studio or hire a private instructor to come to your house.

Rock climbing
If the weather is nice, you can plan a day trip to go rock climbing together, or, if the forecast is bleak, head indoors to a rock climbing gym. Build both your upper body strength and leg muscles with this calorie-scorching activity.

Striptease or pole dancing
Just because you aren’t drinking, doesn’t mean you have to be completely chaste. Pole dancing is a lot harder than it may look, and is a great upper body workout. Likewise, learning the art of stripping can also help strip off some serious fat.

Run a race
Show your dedication to the bride and sign up for a 5K race, 10K, or even a marathon depending on your fitness level. You can all train together for the big day and even run in matching bachelorette outfits. Want something even more unique? Try the Warrior Dash, Mud Run, or Zombie Run.

Boot camp
Does your bride-to-be love a challenge? Power your way through an hour of boot camp, with jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and lunges.

Have a dance-a-thon! Just because it’s a bachelorette party, doesn’t mean you have to end up dancing on top of the bar. If your friend loves music and dancing, organize a private dance class for you and her friends. Try zumba, salsa, or hip-hop depending on her style.

Is your friend more of a tomboy than a Disney princess? She might appreciate a paintball-themed bachelorette party. It may not burn as many calories as boot camp, but paintball still involves running around for hours and bonds you together as a team.

Shooting range or archery class
If the future bride is a Hunger Games fan, or just wants to scare her groom a little, plan a day at the shooting range or archery club. Just be careful—she needs to be in one piece for her big day!