"Have you guys seen this? I don't think I've ugly cried like that in a while…" read the post on a mom Facebook group I belong to. And so, I clicked on the video, "The Unique Connection"—9.7 million views strong and growing. In it, a group of six blindfolded children ages 3 to 9 try to identify their moms using their senses and intuition alone.

I had several reactions, none of which involved tears:

I hate being manipulated by advertisers

Pandora, the jewelry company, is behind the video. It's an ad. In subtle close-ups, children feel a mom's ring and a bracelet. There's a lingering shot of another ring. A couple of moms are wearing long necklaces. Ponytail Mom is sporting dainty earrings. "All women are unique in shape, personality and heart, and so is the beautiful connection and precious love we saw this day," reads the copy on YouTube. "Celebrate the woman in your heart." [READ: BUY HER SOME JEWELRY! AND THEN YOUR CHILDREN WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO PICK HER OUT OF A CROWD SHOULD THEY HAPPEN TO BE WANDERING AROUND ONE BLINDFOLDED!]

Hello, diversity?

No black woman? Nobody plus-size? If one of my kids was blindfolded and tried to identify me, the second they felt my belly flab they'd know. Yeah, capture that on film.

Hello, dads?

Kids certainly have a physical bond with their fathers, too. When my son is sick, the only thing he wants to do is sit on the couch with my husband and mush into his body.

I don't need a video to remind me that my children intimately know me

I have nursed them, kissed and hugged them with abandon (even while they're asleep), and endlessly snuggled with them. My kids literally breathe me in when they nestle their heads into my neck, and my son lets out this contented sigh. When my daughter kisses me, sometimes she puts her hands on my cheeks and draws me close, and it blisses me out every time.

Call me cynical for not getting all weepy over the video, as most everyone else seems to do. But the realities of the parent-child bond are far more wondrous and amazing than anything that can be captured in a two-minute video created by an ad agency.

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