It’s a good thing babies are so stinkin' cute. This hilarious video from blogger Esther Anderson captures just how challenging it is to do household chores when you have a pint-sized “helper” following you around.

As Esther places her toddler's neatly folded clothes in a top drawer, Ellia yanks garments out of a bottom drawer, then climbs in it. As Esther cleans the outside of a glass door, Ellia blows raspberries against the glass from inside. And when Esther sweeps dirt into a pile, Ellia rolls in it.

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The familiar scenes are striking a chord on Facebook, where the video has been viewed nearly 60 million times since Wednesday. Many commenters are posting adorable pics of their own kids mid-sabotage, including a boy who emptied the dishwasher so he could put his kitty in it, and a girl who painted the living room, and herself.

The video is titled “Why moms get NOTHING DONE” but, of course, all parents know the feeling of working backwards. Anyone who's ever tried to tidy up around a toddler will relate. (With an 11-month-old at home, I was laughing at the video mostly out of relief: It’s not just me!)

You may remember the pair from their last viral video, in which Esther tried to take a nap and Ellia wasn't having it. Esther and her husband, Thad, have been chronicling the adventure of raising their daughter on their site, Story of This Life. You can check out more of their videos here.

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