Ah, Thanksgiving. So much to be grateful for: Good health, good company, good stuffing. And yet, there are some definite hazards of the day, as these GIFs show.

Tasting so much while you're cooking you're no longer hungry for dinner.


Photo: Tumblr/forgifs

The cleaning frenzy before everyone arrives.


Photo: Tumblr/Gifs For The Masses

Relatives keep kissing you. Hel-lo, flu season?


Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue

Nobody told you they'd be serving Tofurkey!


Photo: Giphy

Arguing with everyone whether stores should be open on Thanksgiving Day


Photo: gifsoup

How you feel after the meal


Photo: Tumblr/ruomers

How you still feel the next morning


Photo: What Should We Call Carlson

How you so do not feel as you listen to Uncle Fred's account of his gallbladder surgery


Photo: What Should We Call Me

Downing one too many hard cider sangrias


Photo: Tumblr/hellojules28

Wailing babies forced to try cranberry mold


Photo: usvsth3m.com

Relatives opining on your significant other


Photo: Giphy

People won't stop offering you mashed potatoes


Photo: Tumblr/moviesimpsons

Growing anxiety: Exactly when is it OK to excuse yourself and leave?!


Photo: disneydreamings

Sunday: Still. Unable. To. Stop. Eating.


Photo: DailyCal

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